Without a doubt there is nothing more wonderful than having your man totally on board when you’re heading down the health path.

In the early days when I came home from college brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge about nutrition it was falling on deaf ears!! 

He’s just not that into it!

 ‘You can’t make people do things..or eat things’ –  my lecturer used to say – ‘ lead by example’. 

I knew I was a long way off from cacao ceremonies and couples Yoga retreats, but I was on a secret mission..and I knew slowly but surely he would eventually come around.

And he did!

He fully supported and munched his was though my quinoa experimental phase – and trust me there were some disasters!

 And it kept getting better.

A cheeky wheatgrass shot no problem! When I told him it was the equivalent to a kilo of veg he was totally in! 

He even started bringing home organic veggies, my favourite raw chocolate bars and would happily hang out at all my favourite health cafes for an almond latte!!

And most mornings he is up for a green smoothie with a bit of Deva Premal playing in the background!! “Are you going to put your nice tunes on babe?”

Happy days!!

But more recently things have been accelerating in a direction that I’m not to sure about..

If you’re trying to cultivate your fella into a ‘zen man’..be careful what you wish for girls!!!

The sequence of events..

  • Finding him going through all my expensive vitamins, probiotics    et asking exactly what they all do and saying – “right, I need to get on all of this!” Whatttt!

  • Getting annoyed when we run out of vegan cheese. Who is this man?!!

  • Putting copius amounts of my treasured Himalayan pink salt in his bath! Nooooo!

  • Not happy that I had bought a bottle of Ambre Soliare for his work travels. ” You wouldn’t put this on your skin so why did you get it for me”(I was in a rush and had no time to go to the health food shop, plus I thought he actually wouldn’t care!) Talk about prima donna!! 

  • And more recently, as he was heading out to work  he called back…’darling –  just to let you know we are out of digestive enzymes’. I mean seriously – who is this man!!

The final straw nearly came when I asked him if he fancied a power walk after dinner to which he replied..

I think I’m just gonna chill on the balcony darling, it will be like a workout for my mind!!!

But thank God after a few seconds he started laughing!


I haven’t lost him completely! My cheeky ‘cave man’  fella is still in there somewhere!

So just a heads up girls..

I think that selective hearing ‘thing’ men seem to do –  especially when you’re  taking about health – they are actually listening!

So when you suddenly start to notice all your natural lotions and potions are running mysteriously low, someone’s polished off your sweet potato dip or your secret stash of raw chocolate has suddenly disappeared..you’ll definitely know where to point the finger!!

Have a great weekend

Much love

Ax ♥

alexandra backshell