So, as we are heading close to the finish line, the vibes I’ve been getting from most folk is that 2016 has been a bit of a tough year – and I have to say for me..

It’s been a bitter-sweet sixteen!

It was the year of the politically unimaginable – how did the man with the worst hairstyle in the world become the President of the United States!!!

The year that the world lost some incredible artists like barrier breaking Prince and David Bowie..and the man that made my 90’s – George Michael.alexandrabackshell

Then, the surprise announcement….the golden couple Brangelina were no more!!! 

And with so much turmoil all over the world it got to the point where I was afraid to turn on the news!

For me, it was definitely a year of highlights and heartbreaks.

It was one of those years that I thought was starting out so incredibly well!

The picture above was taken on New Years day – my birthday – I had such a good feeling about the year ahead!!

I had wall planners, sexy new note pads and journals –  I even enrolled on a mini course called ‘Your Next Bold Move’ with Brendon Burchard – designed purely so you will have a ‘kick ass’ year!!

I nearly had a melt down when I missed out on buying Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Journal! I needed every tool possible to make this the best year ever!

It was game on. I was coming into 2016 all ‘guns a blazing’!!

But, by the end of February, I was exhausted and when I wasn’t achieving all the ridiculous goals I had set, I started beating myself up!

I even started thinking it was all due to not getting my Desire Map Journal that I wasn’t more  ahead of my game!! Talk about driving yourself mad!!

And then in March I got a phone call that changed my life forever…

Your Dad’s in hospital, its not looking great.

For the next week I sat and watched my Dad fight for every breath – and when he finally took his last –  I’m so thankful I was there to hold his hand and tell him he was safe.

I loved my Dad but I never told him until the day he died….I just hope he heard me.

So you know whats coming

If you love someone make sure you tell them – often.

This has definitely been a tough one to navigate and there is no manual on how to deal with losing a parent. But what I have learnt is, feeling is healing, you have to go to those dark places and sit there for a while, you have to feel all those painful emotions – get your hands dirty..its the only way out.

Feeling is healing.

But 2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom, there were definitely some highlights…

♥ I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist

♥ finally watched Breaking Bad 

♥ I reignited my love affair with coffee and then took it to the next level – it’s all about bulletproof coffee for me these days!

♥ I said yes to speaking gigs – probably one of my biggest fears !

♥ I took my cynical British butt up to London to see Tony Robbins. I jumped around like a loon with three thousand people, high five strangers –  and I totally get the Tony Robbins thing now!  His presence, his wisdom, his compassion just radiates. I swear I came home with a different set of cells!!

♥ I rescued a hamster – a pet shop reject that apparently wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to customers! Seriously. What’s wrong with people!

♥ I found a new way to enjoy a good sweat –  Infrared saunas are at the top of my wellness list at the moment!

♥ I fell in love with a huge seagull – Jonathan – who sits on my window ledge all day! I know seagulls are generally annoying but there is something about this fella!

♥  Gut health was  definitely my biggest health take away from 2016. I will be getting more into that on the blog next year.


When I look back,  I now know I was pushing way too hard at the beginning of the year, and as an ENFP (I’m loving personality type tests right now!) layed back Capricorn It’s just not how I roll!

I’m coming into 2017 with ease, grace and an open heart. No crazy to-do or achievement lists…

It’s back to basics and keeping life simple.

2017 will be all about operating from my heart space ♥

I will be tapping into my core desire feelings. 

And in the great words of Danielle Laporte (yes, I finally got my Desire Map Journal!!!)






 Whatever your chasing in 2017 make sure it feels right.

Its all about the feeling ♥

Wishing you a Happy New Year and thank you so much for being here.

Sending a big virtual hug to you.

Much love

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell