alexandra backshellThe reason I call my blog The Simple Life is because…..

Once I stripped everything back…slowed down….uncomplicated my life…got rid of all the clutter..

…everything seemed to fall into place, including my health.

When I woke up each morning I realised I had everything I needed and this gave me a greater sense of freedom.beautiful sundown on brighton beach

Freedom from….worry

Freedom from…..overwhelm

Freedom from…striving

Freedom from…the consumer world that I had built my life around.

We seem to be living in a world that loves to complicate things, getting back to basics was the best thing that I every did for my health.

Simplicity helped me determine what truly added value to my life and what was really important…

♥ My health

♥ My passions

♥ Real relationships

♥ Being in nature

♥ Contribution and growth

By shedding my need for more; simplifying and excepting the present moment as it is; I began cultivating the grounds for a much more chilled out life…a simple life!

beautiful brighton beachAs you can imagine there was a lot of work needed to be done  in all areas of my life, but today i’m going to talk about one of the first places I started….wardrobe, cupboards and drawers.

 IMG_2142[1]I stood back and took a really good look at all the stuff I had and realised I didn’t need half of it and it was weighing on my brain!

 As the wonderful Louise Hay says;

Our closets can be considered symbols of our minds. A cluttered closet could mean a cluttered mind and the same theory applies to your drawers. 

De-cluttering is like giving yourself room to breath! Most of the time we don’t take the time to really notice  how the accumulation of stuff we have is affecting our lives and weighing us down. IMG_2141[1]

I highly recommend doing it every few months…and be ruthless! You know that dress that you’ve had for years and still haven’t worn it, get rid of it!  Its very liberating to disconnect yourself from material things…you can do it, I’m sending you a virtual high five right now!!!

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ~ Coco Chanel

The cycle of consumption never results in peace, in the long run it just stresses you out.

In fact owning more things  brings with it more anxiety about how to pay for, protect and look after them.

Health note….

Really try to address the emotional reasons why you collect clutter. Dive in deep and deal with it. If you really find it hard to let go of stuff get a friend to help that isn’t attached to your things as you are, there might be a little tug of war but it will be worth it!

And finally..

Observing things that you get rid of is really important ( make a mental note) as it will stop you from buying it again in the future……and probably save you a lot of money!!

Take action now and look at where you need to have a good de-clutter and even if its just a drawer..its a start!

You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterdays junk


Instead of writing a Christmas list of everything you want write down a list of everything you have. Santa loves a bit of gratitude!

And remember on Christmas day you will open the greatest gifts of all….your eyes.

Hope your having a great week

Alexandra ♥

I’m still finding it hard to get my head around what happened in Paris and our world right now. All I can say is we need to stand together for peace.♥

alexandra backshell