IMG_2063[1]When I lived in Japan I had a friend called Nori.

Nori wasn’t your average Japanese guy, he was covered in tattoos, dressed like a punk, learnt to speak English watching American action movies…… and could drink anyone under the table, definitely not your average Japanese guy!!

Nori was a character, he worked in all the cool hot spots in Osaka, everyone loved him, and when we poached him to come and work in the bar I was running I knew it was on!

The more time I spent working with Nori I realised that behind the crazy persona he was an incredible human being.

Some nights after the bar had closed we would drink whiskey shots till the wee hours of the morning listening to the Clash, talking about life and he would design tattoos for me (which I never ended up getting!), but the biggest thing I discovered about Nori was that he was deeply spiritual.  Working with him every day I also discovered something else, he had very quirky little rituals……and one was with water……

He would talk to it! 

It wasn’t overly obvious, but he did definitely talk to it! 

I learnt a lot about Japanese history and culture from my late night chats with Nori, but when he told me about the work of Dr Masaru Emoto I was absolutely fascinated.

And his little ritual was begining to make a bit more sense.

Dr Emoto undertook extensive research of water around the planet. He found that in its frozen crystal form water showed us its true nature and that water carries information. When it is studied microscopically this information is visible.

IMG_2057[1]This may sound totally woo hoo! But remember there is some science behind this!

In the 1990’s Dr Emoto performed a series of experiments where he observed the effects of words, prayers, music and environment on the structure of water. He took photographs before and after exposing the water to the different variables and froze the water so that it would form crystalline structures.

The photographic results were mind blowing and the crystals weren’t always beautiful.

IMG_2058[1]Water crystals exposed to heavy metal music were broken in to tiny pieces. But water samples exposed to Beethoven were described as gorgeous.

He found the words that produced the most beautiful crystals were Love and Gratitude.IMG_2063[1]

Spring and ground water crystals were generally beautifully geometrical, where  tap and rain water were misshapen or uneven and polluted water was too sick to form any crystals at all.

Dr Emoto found that prayer with intention seemed to have an extraordinary ability to restore water back to its natural, harmonious, geometric symmetry.  

IMG_2064[1]So with regard to the molecular structure of water… if our thoughts, intentions, environment, ideas, and even music have a healing or destructive effect on water, this must affect us too since we are made up of 70% water.

This is what Dr Emoto says…..

Since love and gratitude protect water from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, we can also contend that they repel all the diseases of the worldWhy do we get sick in the first place? Usually, we become ill because our immunity is low. Despite our many technological and scientific advances throughout the ages, it seems that our immune system’s ability to self-heal have diminished. I believe that love and gratitude can restore our original, powerful self.IMG_2076[1]

When we feel abundance an love and gratitude in our hearts , that loving energy boosts our defences-we are protected , even against very strong viruses. The more we are filled with loving kindness, the fewer negative thoughts or feelings will emerge from us, therefore, we wont attract any negativity such as illness from the outside world. 

 The lesson I learnt from Dr Emoto….

Everyday it is vital that we are putting our bodies in a nurturing environment and our inner dialogue is always loving and kind. What we think creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically.

Nobody wants negativity and sadness crystallised in their soul.


 As for my friend Nori, I later learnt that all his rituals were messages of love, little blessings, for all the food he prepared and drinks he made for our customers…and the water we all drank! 

Hiring him was the best business decision we ever made. I will never forget what I learnt working with this incredible guy. 

Everything he did came from a place of love and gratitude. That’s why customers came back everyday, that’s why everyone loved Nori ♥  

loveHave a wonderful week

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell