Last week I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist


The last few years have been an incredibly rewarding learning experience

But there has been some interesting insights on my path to nutritional enlightenment and some were actually not that great

And I have to say there were a few moments…..

When I nearly gave up on my dream.

alexandrabackshell.comFinding my true vocation from probably what was the worst time in my life was a real a-ha moment!

Seeing first hand the healing power of food, I knew I wanted to dive deep into nutritional therapy  – I knew this was the only path for me.

This is it – sign me up – lets do this –  there was absolutely no question about it.

I found what I thought was the best course and collegegot accepted, and within a few days Amazon were knocking on my door with anatomy and biology books which all looked way over my head. But, it was all good, I couldn’t wait for class!

 A  few months in I just wasn’t feeling it!alexandrabackshell

I was a bit frazzled and  became nervous going to lectures – and if there was ever a time to listen to my gut this was it. But I didn’t. 

I had also unexpectedly taken on a new role as..

The Food Police

I couldn’t wait to share all my new nutritional knowledge with everyone –  but I soon realised that not everyone was  as excited as me.

In fact, no one wants to know the dangerous affects of sugar as they are tucking into their favourite cake and no one wants someone snooping in their fridge with raised  eyebrows or peering over their shoulder every time they are making something to eat!

And I now know that no one wants to be hounded with nutritional advice.

I remember bumping into a friend in the supermarket who subtly tried to hide the goodies in her shopping basket,while explaining it was just a few treats! A one off! 

I had well and truly earned my title as the food police but it didn’t feel good!

Then there were the names….”Health freak’ or Alex it a “right health nut now’! 

Things just weren’t unfolding as I had imagined!!!!

As I was told in my first ever lecture..

Don’t bombard your friends and family with nutritional advice. It’s extremely difficult when you see loved ones or friends eating badly but anything you tell them will fall on deaf ears, and you’ll end up driving them  – and yourself crazy. 

They will only come to you when they are well and truly ready. So until that time, bite your tongue and just lead by example and hopefully they will follow suit.

Thankfully, I quit my role as the Food Police, quit the college I was attending  and found a course that really resonated with me, enrolled, and carried on pursing my passion.

alexandrabackshell.comThe Passion thing…

If you can find something that your truly passionate about it is undeniably the best feeling ever. And if you can somehow turn it into a business – even better.

Then you start to discover there are people out there that are super passionate about the same thing as you, amazing, they have been in the business for years,  cool – and they are really, really good at it! 

And this is when good old comparison annoyingly shows up, just when things were going swimmingly well!

How will I ever make my dent when there are people out there killing it in my industry.

Who’s gonna listen or be interested in me?

It’s going to take so long to get anywhere. Maybe I should just take a break for a while. 

Stop right there.

Whether  your a Nutritionist, jewellery maker, coach, artist, whatever your pursing,  it’s vital that you stop comparing – you must bring YOUR goods to the table. 

There maybe millions of people in your industry but there is only one of you, there will only ever be one of you –  and your unique, creative spirit must be seen.

Note. Comparison is soul destroying, deprives you of joy and robs you of precious time.

This is still something I have to remind myself everyday.  

The good bits that kept me going..

♥ Creating my Blog and connecting with you and so many amazing souls ♥

♥ Mums sending me pictures of their kids baking my clean cookies (start them young ladies!)♥

♥ Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

♥ My incredibly supportive family  that have encouraged and believed in me all the way 

♥ All the little things I saw as failures were just an inevitable part of learning. 

♥ The tough days – and then a  friendly little message would turn up on my digital doorstep..

Thank you

You’ve changed my life

You’ve inspired me

I would like to say thank you for all your beautiful messages, they are my life blood and what keeps me going ♥

alexandrabackshell♥ The last thing that really pulled me to that finish line was to just show up. Good days, bad days, ten minutes, half an hour, three hours, when you’re going for ‘dat dream’ you’ve got to show up. 

And even when you think no one is bothered just remember.. the Universe is always bothered –  and it’s always taking notes!! 

So, as I tie a beautiful bow around this learning experience, I know it is just the beginning.  The world of nutrition is always evolving and is a subject that fascinates me – its got me!

There are also so many exciting things coming up next year that I can’t wait to share with you.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. Its why you were born and how you become most truly alive. ~ Oprah

Have a wonderful week

Much love 

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell