dental careSo a few weeks ago my bestie and I were mucking around with swap.

And in the split second moment when we were trying to work out who’s face was who, my friend said, “OMG my teeth look awful!”

And then we realised they were my teeth…shock horror!

Luckily she’s my best friend and we had a good ol’ laugh about it, but it did get me thinking that I haven’t  been managing my dental care like I used to.

I’ve always shied away from teeth whitening products as I have super sensitive teeth and the thought of sitting in a dentist chair for hours ingesting a boat load of toxins is not very appealing!

So I thought it was time to find myself a nice natural organic teeth whitening product. It was time to up my dental care!

dental careI’ve totally fallen in love with Laila London Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder. 

Two weeks in and I’m already really pleased with the results!

It’s made from 100% natural  organic ingredients and not only does it make your teeth nice and sparkly it is also very effective for receding gums and preventing recurring cavities. Its a divine soft powder totally non abrasive containing no synthetic additives – I’m addicted ♥

Health Note….

Activated charcoal can also be helpful in changing the pH and overall health of your mouth and killing bad bacteria.

I’m also loving Georganics oil pulling range ♥

dental care

I have to say I’ve been a regular oil puller for a few years now, just doing it the standard way.

But I’ve had my eye on Georganics oil pulling mouthwash range and thought it was time to give them a whirl! They have taken oil pulling to the next level by adding steamed distilled essential oils from certified organic crops –  Seriously divine ♥

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years as an Ayurvedic remedy. It is so worth incorporating into your morning routine as the health benefits are incredible. If you want to find out more about it click here ♥

And finally..

Good dental  care is vital. 

The mouth serves as a window to the rest of the body, providing signals of general health. So taking care of your teeth can really influence your overall wellbeing. 

And the moral of this story is…. if you do go on face swap, make sure you know who’s who BEFORE you make any comments !!!!!!

Have a great week

Sending lots of love your way

Alexandra ♥

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