sweet potatoes I’ve been going a bit crazy on sweet potatoes recently.

As the temperature is changing I’m feeling a real pull towards comfort food  and sweet potatoes have been top of my list.

Baked…..mashed……soup….but at the moment its all been about  sweet potato fritters!!!

So I’m going to share a quick, tasty, easy recipe with you, but first let’s get the low down on sweet potatoes……..

♥ First of all they are an amazing source of vitamin C. We all know that vitamin C is important to help ward of colds and viruses but this vitamin plays a crucial role in bone and tooth formation, digestion and blood cell formation. It also produces collagen which helps maintain your skin’s youthful elasticity.

♥ They are a great source of vitamin D which is So important this time of year. Vitamin D plays an important role in our energy levels, moods, support the thyroid gland and also building strong teeth and bones.

♥ They might be sweet but the natural sugars are slowly released into the bloodstream. This ensures a balanced and regular source of energy without blood sugar spikes which are linked to  weight gain and fatigue.

♥ Sweet potato’s rich orange colour indicates that they are high in carotenoids like beta carotene. Carotenoids help strengthen eyesight and boost immunity. They are also powerful antioxidants that help ward off cancer and protect us from premature aging. Beta-carotene is able to render free radicals, which are the toxic by-products of our metabolism and pollution, harmless. If left unattended, free radicals may damage your cells and start cancerous changes.

And finally…

Sweet potatoes are a great source of iron, potassium and  magnesium which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral, and lets face it we could all do with a bit more of that in our hectic crazy lifestyles!!

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes sweet potatoes warm the stomach, strengthen the internal organs and support Qi (energy)

So here’s my little recipe… ( should make six to eight fritters depending on the size you want)

♥ 1 small sweet potato

♥ Half a red onion

♥ 1 cup of self raising flour

♥ 1 egg

♥ 1 big handful of coriander

fritters sweet potato♥ Blend the sweet potato, onion and coriander, transfer to a bowl, add the egg, then fold in the flour. IMG_2034[1] 

♥ Heat two tablespoons of coconut oil (or oil of your choice) in a frying pan on medium heat.

IMG_2035[1]♥  Add heaped tablespoon sizes of the mixture to your pan and shape to the size you want.

♥ Fry on a medium heat for about four minutes on each side, or until cooked all the way through.

♥ Serve and enjoy♥    

Tip….you can always add half a teaspoon of garam masala if you fancy spicing things up a bit! Remember its all about adapting recipes to your style.


Take action now and get the ingredients this recipe on your shopping list this week and give them ago, you wont regret it ! Plus you’ll be getting all the incredible health benefits to!

I hope your having a great week

Sending big warm autumn hugs

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell