kalmkarmaI’ve had countless gym memberships 

I’ve laced up my trainers and pounded along Brighton seafront at stupid o’clock

Got into some pretty crazy fitness regimes

But yoga is the best! I love it! Its my favourite way to exercise and move my body.  

When I’m on my yoga mat everything in my world feels good 

This is where I feel most centred, peacefull and energised  

My first attempt at yoga many years ago when I was living in Japan, lets say, wasn’t the best start!yoga

I was running Bar Ammunition in Osaka and probably at the height of my partying and drinking career, but deep down I was secretly was craving something to pull me out of my nocturnal lifestyle, something to pull me back to earth. 

A girl called Monica had been frequenting the bar told me that she was starting up a yoga class in a studio nearby and asked if she could put a notice up. After a few days of staring at the notice I decided I was in!

I envisioned myself gliding around the streets of Shinsaibasi on my bike early in the morning with a yoga mat strapped on my back. 

Yep, yoga was cool, I was definitely in!

So I rounded up a very unlikely bunch of friends from the bar, and off we went to Monica’s class.

And yes, we were the wobbly ones giggling at the back of the class

Yes, we were always hungover, and I think Monica knew it, and I don’t think she was impressed!

Then, three weeks in my friend Narelle passed out half way through the lesson (alcohol induced!). It was so cringe worthy that we bowed out not so gracefully and  just couldn’t bring ourselves to go back!

So fast track a few more years and after a gruelling double axillary lymph node operation, and a long drawn out rehabilitation programme, it was suggested that maybe I should try a bit of gentle yoga. 

I thank the universe for guiding me to Natasha Quinn’s yoga class, creator Kalm Karma, her heart centred business which she has built from a wealth of experience in the holistic health industry.kalmkarma  

After a long day I feel like my soul breathes a huge sigh of relief when I’m rolling out my mat ready for one of Natasha’s classes.

NO class is ever the same, and there is always an unmistakeable feel of devotion to her practise and her incredible teaching style, meeting her students exactly where they are.

I’ve been to other yoga classes that have been serious and repetitious. That’s another element I love about Natasha’s class, she reminds us that sometimes being on our yoga mat isn’t always about deep discovery, It’s also a time to release seriousness have a giggle, dance, shake and even shed a tear or two( yoga tears are good!)

natasha quinnNatasha is a lighthouse, living her truth and glowing in authenticity. I’m her secret yogic stalker, wherever she  goes I follow!!! 

I’m excited to kick off my interview series Passionate people with Natasha, so Lets meet her..  

What brought you to Brighton….

After my travels through Asia and living in Australia , I knew instinctively when I got home that I wanted to be near the ocean, plus I’m a water sign! There were a few options but I love the chilled out holistic vibes in Brighton. Its a colourful  place and really friendly. So I packed my life into a Vauxhall Corsa and hit the road. I remember there was a beautiful full moon that night, and as I was driving I knew intuitively I was heading to  right place.

Tell us about  your teaching style…..

My training was very holistic and I like to bring my teachings under the Hatha umbrella combing, breathing, cleansing and physical exercises along with meditation. Its all about working with the body and the breath together bringing it into a deep space of consciousness.natasha quinn

Hatha as philosophy and  practise is aimed at the enlightenment of the body

What are the key benefits of Hatha Yoga….

There are so many, but physically it improves flexibility and joint mobility. Strengthens, tones and builds muscle. It directs blood and oxygen to your internal organs. Corrects posture, creates balance and increases stamina. It also improves your breathing and boosts your immune response.

And just a few of the mental benefits include…an increase in body awareness, focus, relief from stress patterns and panic attacks. It lifts and frees the spirit. I see it as a great way to stay in shape but also develop balance, and a sense of centeredness.

Sum up your soul driven mission in one statement….

To reach out to as many people as possible to give them the benefits of my practise.

To combine my passions with a business I love makes me feel….

Free, inspired and grateful that I can put my heart and soul into my work and deliver my own personal message.

What is your antidote on a day when everything falls flat…natasha quinn

Nature always gets me back on track when I’m having one of those days. Its the perfect antidote for me.

I like to take myself away from people and I usually head to the Sussex Downs or find my favourite tree to sit under. Wide open spaces are the perfect place to let go of whatever’s agitating me and reconnect with myself, and remember the importance of just being. Oh and a laugh and chat with my brother is always good for my soul!

What has been the most stand out moment in tour Yoga journey so far….

Going to India and spending time in the Ashram environment was such an incredible experience for me and definitely a stand out moment.

If you weren’t a yoga teacher what would you like to be…

If I had the time I would love to take myself back to collage and do a degree in dance, its definitely something I’d love  to explore more. On the other end of the spectrum I love kids, so maybe working with children.  

And finally…

What spiritual teacher has had the biggest impact on you and your career….IMG_1795[1]

Mohini Chatalini who was my first ever yoga teacher  had quite an impact on me in my early days. She also studied at the British wheel of yoga where I trained. I loved her style and the dancy flowy feel to her classes.

The Dalai Lama has had a huge impact on me too. I’ve seen him in India, London, Barcelona and Glastonbury and every time I’ve felt his energy, love and compassion. I also love his determination to live a peaceful life and share this message to the world.♥


kalmkarma.com or her Facebook page

For more information on Natasha’s Spirit Dance events, classes and holistic treatments please check out her website and you can also find her on Facebook.  

Yoga is the journey of the self, 

to the self,

through the self.

~The Bhagavad Gita

Have a wonderful week

Alexandra ♥