One of the reasons I absolutely love summer is that I can eat copious amounts of watermelon.

I love it ♥

I love the taste, the smell, the summer vibes it brings…

No other produce sings summer quite like water melon! 

But most of all I LOVE all the incredible health benefits it has to offer, covering everything from your brain, cardiovascular health and revving up your immune system.

watermelon loveBut first off, watermelon has some serious hydration power.

It is 95% water!

This fruit must definitely go down  on your shopping list for operation hydration!

So what are the other health benefits of watermelon…

♥ Watermelons have an alkaline-forming effect on the body which helps to reduce your risk of developing disease and illness caused by a high-acidic diet ( namely meat, fast food and scary dairy!)

♥ The Vitamin C content in watermelon is ridiculously high! This is perfect for improving our immune system. Vitamin C also aids in wound healing because it is essential to the formation of new connective tissues.

♥ Watermelon is rich in potassium which helps to retain calcium in your body, resulting in stronger bones and joints.watermelon love

♥ The lycopene in watermelon is extremely important for cardiovascular health as it improves blood flow via vasodilation (relaxation of blood pressure)

♥ Watermelon is also a great source of beta – carotene (thats what gives it its beautiful red hue) which is converted in the body to vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the eye from macular degeneration and it also helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, and mucus membranes.

As research continues, watermelon is by far becoming one of the most powerful, healing fruits on the planet!

So take action now and get this gorgeous fruit on your shopping list so you can start reaping the amazing health benefits.

I love to eat it straight up or blend chunks of it in my nutri bullet and add a squeeze of fresh lime. 

Absolutely divine! ♥


watermelon love


Sending lots of love and light your way

Have a wonderful week

Alexandra ♥


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