I adore September and the autumnal vibes..

I think it’s my favourite month of the year.

This month also marks the three years my blog The Simple Life has being live.

For so long I had wanted to create a sacred little online space, a place I could share my healing journey, my story and connect with beautiful souls just like YOU, but of course there was that little voice in my head..

Your not a writer

Your not a cook

And your definitely not some spiritual guru!! Who’s gonna read your blog!!

So yes, there was plenty of self doubt and procrastination going on – but thankfully I focused on what my heart was telling me to do. I pushed the publish button and launched myself into the online world and I’m so glad I’m here…and you are too! 

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for subscribing to my sacred online space and coming with me on this little soul project of mine. I’m honoured to have you on board ♥

And remember…alexandrabackshell

If there is something stirring deep within you, something you want to create or release into the world all I’m going to say to you is…just do it.

The clock is ticking, time moves fast, procrastination is a buzz kill. The world is waiting for YOU.

Every adventure and creative venture is slowly guiding you home ♥

Sending lots of love and virtual hugs

Alex ♥

alexandra backshell