tamariI truly believe that the key to healthy living and sustaining a good eating pattern is to find a healthy alternative to the naughty things you love.

And If you look hard enough you will always find something.

That’s how I came across Tamari!soy

I’m a huge fan of stir fries and noodle dishes but on my quest for a cleaner way of eating I knew at some point I was going to have to ditch my salty soy sauce……. so I did, and started using Tamari.

So what is it…….

Tamari  is considered the “original”  Japanese soy sauce as its recipe is closest to the soy sauce introduced to Japan from China. Like miso, Tamari is a fermented soy food, and it shares many of miso’s medicinal and nutritional properties. Scientists have given particular attention to the high concentration of brown pigment in Tamari because of its strong antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

So how’s it made…..

IMG_1833[1]Tamari and soy sauce are both derived from fermented soy beans but the process in which it is made, and the byproduct is different. 

♦ Soy sauce is made by cooking soybeans with roasted wheat and other grains. It is then added to a salty brine to brew and sit for a period of time to ferment. The mixture is then pressed to extract the dark, brown liquid.

♦ Tamari is made by using the liquid byproduct that forms when making miso paste. When the soy beans are cooked down to ferment little or zero wheat is added which makes it a great alternative for people with gluten intolerances or you’re cutting down on your gluten intake.

Always read the package because some brands do use a small percentage of wheat during the fermentation process.

I much prefer the taste of Tamari to soy sauce as its less salty, richer in flavour and more balanced.

And just a heads up……..tamari
Soybeans are one of the most GMO ( genetically modified organisms ) that is popping up these days so organic really does matter. Whenever you buy anything soy I would definitely go for the organic option.
As I’ve been using Tamari for some time now I thought it was time to broaden my horizons beyond Asian dishes and here is one of my absolute favourite recipes so far…….
Brazil Nut And Coriander Pesto

You will need…….

♥ 80g of soaked Brazil Nuts (soak between 4-8 hours)

♥ 4 tablespoons of olive oillimes

♥ 1 bunch of coriander

♥ Juice of 2 Limes

♥ 2 Cloves of Garlic

♥ 1 teaspoon of honey

♥ 2 tablespoons of Tamari

♥ A pinch of chilli flakes

blenderPut all the ingredients into your blender and whizz for two to three minutes, depending on the power of your blender. You can also add two tablespoons of water if you want to make it super smooth.IMG_1308

I usually serve this stirred through some penne pasta or as a party dip with a difference! Either way it’s so delicious and simple to make.IMG_1310 

I highly recommend swapping your salty soy sauce for Tamari and start experimenting with it in your recipes, and it’s a much better option those nights when you might have a cheeky Chinese takeaway!  

Have you ever used Tamari before, if so I’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week

Alexandra ♥