If you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than it does negative ones.

Smiling is literally like throwing a feel-good party in your brain! So, lets get that party started…

But first a little story…

When my bestie and I finally decided to settle in a gorgeous little spot called Miami Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia, it couldn’t have been more idyllic.

It was our travelling dream to find a beautiful surfy place to plot up for a year and this was it – we were living the dream.

smileBut what we really, really couldn’t get our heads around was how super friendly people were, in fact we found it a bit weird!!

Why is everyone smiling at us!! Why is everyone so happy!

When we finally became good friends with a group of surfers that lived in our street they told us that when we moved into the neighbourhood they thought we were a bit stuck up!

So I told them..

“Where we come from, people just don’t stop and talk to you in the street, smile, or ask how your doing. If they do they are usually a nutter or they want to mug you!”

This smiley thing is gonna take a bit of getting used to!!

But as you can imagine it didn’t take long.

Living in a land of sun, sea and sexy surfers there was definitely a lot to smile about! I can honestly say it was one of the happiest years of my life –  and it’s why I moved back there!

smileSpiritual teachers and Scientists all agree that this simple act can transform you and the world around you! Not only are smiles contagious, they make you look more attractive to others – and smiling more could even lengthen your life!! 

So I want you to slap a beautiful, genuine smile on your face right now – and lets dive in…

So whats the science…

When you smile your brain is aware of the activity and actually keeps track of it. The more you smile, the more effective you are at breaking the brains natural tendency to think negatively. If you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than negative ones.

Happiness is a work ethic. It’s something that requires our brains to train just like an athlete has to train.

smileSmiling reduces stress that our body and minds feel, almost similar to getting a good night’s sleep according to recent studies. Smiling also helps to generate more positive emotions within you. That’s why we feel happier around children – they smile more! On average, they do a whopping 400 times a day! Whilst happy people still smile 40-50 times a day, the average of us is only 20 times. smile

And for all the Debbie Downers out there…fake it till you make it!! Even a fake smile will have a positive effect on the body !!

And finally…

The serotonin release brought on by your smile serves as an anti-depressant/mood lifter. Today’s pharmaceutical anti-depressants also influence the levels of serotonin in your brain, but with a smile, you’ve hit the jackpot! No nasty side effects and no prescription from you Doctor.

So take action now and SMILE SMILE SMILE  😀 

It’s a universal language that we all understand. It holds so much power internally and externally so don’t forget to share it with the world.

Sending lots of love, light and smiles your way

Alexandra ♥