So the Christmas festivities are in full swing now!

I love it!

As we spend most of the year trying to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.. right..

..Christmas is definitely a time to go just a little bit easy on yourself – but still take care of yourself!!

So here are a few tips to keeping it real through the festive season.

Keep an eye on the buffet..

According to the Food Standard Agency, food poisoning cases go up in December, not to mention hospital admissions, shooting up between December 19th and the New Year!!! Always trust your instincts  when it come to food.

 If it doesn’t look, smell, or taste right then it probably isn’t ! 

Don’t stress..

It’s so easy to get caught up in the crazy Christmas whirlwind, but I have to say….

…there is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Christmas’ ! Maybe in the movies, but not in reality!

Whether you have everything ready or not, Christmas is still going to happen!

I spoke to a lady a few days ago who was on the verge of a meltdown because they had sold out of the toy her kid wanted (Hatchimals) and she was considering driving to Timbuktu just to get one!

This isn’t Christmas – it’s crazy – and the quick route to burnout city!!

Have a

Get yourself out there at any opportunity sweet cheeks! There are a lot of extra calories to burn in December and it’s more fun doing it with your disco sliders on!

Be mindful..

I’m so up for a bit of Christmas indulgence – it would be rude not to – but when there is so much food on offer it is quite easy to slip into the mindless eating trap. When you’ve had a little nibble on some of your favourite treats – before you go in for round two just ask yourself “Do I really need more”??….I think you will know the answer!! 

Ditch the guilt..

Whatever you do don’t feel guilty about a bit of Christmas indulgence it will totally  spoil your fun. Just stay on your game. Use the spaces between to eat well. After a big night make sure you have a nourishing breakfast and before a big night, get really hydrated and eat well. It’s not rocket science and it will soften the blow!!

Look after your liver..

Yup, this time of year your poor old liver must want to just shut up shop and run to the hills!!!

Remember….your liver is the largest organ in your body – it’s a work horse – and has over 500 vital functions so, look after this bad boy! Especially over the festive period.

Herbs like Milk Thistle, Liquorice, Dandelion Root and Artichoke help protect liver function by stimulating bile flow and help the organ to regenerate itself.

And remember, PLENTY of water and greens, greens, greens!!!!

And finally…..

Don’t forget to breathe!

It’s mucho importanto that you find 15-10 0r even 5 minutes to have some quiet time to yourself over the festive period. Wide open spaces, quiet places, find a nice place where you can meditate, breathe and cultivate some calm! ♥yoga

Let’s be honest..there is a big possibility you are going to be faced with crowds, angry shoppers, carparks, screaming kids – not to mention all the family fall outs and “Who’s doing christmas this year”? ‘- I”ll stop there!!

So cultivating some kind of inner calm will definitely  help you face the ‘nightmare before christmas’ and let’s hope you can blissfully rise above it all!

 Have a great week and an amazing Christmas ♥

Much love ♥

Alexandra ♥