alexandra backshellSeptember really is one of my favourite months of the year. 

I always see September as the perfect time for re-evaluation, renewal and time to hit the re-start button.

And there is no better way to renew than to move house!

Yes, I’ve been moving, that’s why my on line space has been a bit quiet recently! Although moving can be a bit of an upheaval its been a fantastic opportunity to de-clutter, get rid of old junk and really start fresh.

So while I’ve been doing star jumps in my new kitchen and setting up my new creative space, my health is still always my top priority. 

September is the month when I really start to think about boosting my immunity and getting my body ready for winter…its always good to get in there early! So the Echinacea is out, I’ve upped my vitamin D levels and I’m doubling up on garlic (poor Wayne!). There will be a blog post coming up very soon on my winter wellness tips and recipes.

Definitely make nurture and nourishment your top priority this month, wherever you are in the world (southern hemisphere peeps lucky you!) Enjoy this beautiful transition and make  it a September to remember.

So I’m off to unpack more boxes!

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back on Tuesday 6th with my next blog 

Sending lots of love and light

Alexandra ♥ 

me standing on a rock in brighton