So here we are, fresh into 2017 and I’m loving the feels already!

After having some beautiful conversations at the beginning of the year I’m definitely seeing a big focus around self-care…

Yes….looking out for numero uno!!

And before you gasp in horror at how utterly selfish this is, please remember…

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

alexandrabackshellOur generation seems to be totally obsessed with the idea of having it all and doing it all – and wearing it like a badge of honour!

Running yourself into the ground is not admirable – it’s incredibly unhealthy!!

 As we pave our way through this crazy, busy life – wearing  so many different hats, ticking off to-do lists, earning the bucks, keeping the peace, seeking approval, self-love and self-care seems to be right at the bottom of that to do list.. and it’s just not good enough sweet cheeks!!

I want you to make 2017 all about

♥ Make sure you  take time out to love, honour and nurture yourself and your needs. 

Remember…It is never selfish to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and put yourself in front of others at times. Always putting other people’s needs first can lead to frustration and resentment…there is a very powerful word in the English dictionary – NO – it’s good to say it sometimes!!!!

 ♥ Solitude and quiet time is not a boring affair. This is your time to tap into you  and listen to the details you maybe forgot to pay attention to. Your relationship with you is the foundation to every relationship you’ll ever have! 

When your in that love zone with yourself , when you are happy and comfortable in your own skin and spending ample amounts of time for your own self-care –  your gonna love your peeps so much more deeply and successfully ♥

So I’ve got some homework for you.

Aside from gratitude, walks in nature, reading a novel in a bed of fluffy pillows or listening to whale music in a salt bath…ask yourself some questions….

♦ What are the important pieces of fabric that make me whole?

♦ What makes me really happy – when does time stand still for me?

♦ What do I really, really want from my life – am I heading in the right direction. 

♦ How am I taking care of myself and my happiness.

Take some time out to have a really good look around you and what you have attracted in your life so far – people, habits, thought patterns –  anything that is stopping you from taking time out for yourself.

It could be time to shift and shake things up a bit!!

And don’t forget to write this stuff down..its potent.

alexandrabackshell.comAnd finally..

The more you value yourself, take time out, practise self-care and celebrate how freekin wonderful you are – you’ll have so much energy and light for everyone else in your life.

This self-care thing has a ripple effect… me.

Have a wonderful week

Much love 

Alex ♥