kale green goodnessAt the William Patterson University in New Jersey  professor Jenifer Di Noia compiled a list based on the nutrient density and bioavailability of 41 “power house” fruits and vegetables to begin a study.

 This study was the first of its kind to define and rank “powerhouse”fruit and vegetables. 

The study focused on 17 nutrients considered by food experts to be vital for good health and lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

 Potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and K.

 Professor Di Noia then combined the scientific literature to calculate how many nutrients they contained per calorie of energy they provided (based on a 2000 calorie per day diet); the higher the value, the more of a powerhouse the food was.

And guess what came out top……..drum roll please!


Watercress scored a perfect 100%

Meaning you get 100% of the essential vitimins and minerals from one 100 gram serving.

top nutrient content watercressIt was followed by Chinese cabbage (91.99%), Chard (89.27), Beet greens (87.08) and Spinach (86.43). And as the list went on poor old Kale was ranked at 15 with a score of (49.07)

We must not forget what a highly nutritious leafy green vegetable kale is, but for now, its all about Watercress! In the world of nutrition its been the buzz all summer.  Who would have thought that those little green leaves usually lost in a sea of egg mayonnaise or used as garnish to make a meal look pretty would be the top powerhouse greens you could eat!

So lets fall in love with Watercress♥

  • Hippocrates the main man and father of western medicine referred to watercress as the cure of all cures. It is said that he built his first hospital in Kos, Greece around 400 BC near a river where he could grow watercress to help treat his patients.
  • This delicious natural super food has been grown commercially in the pure spring waters of southern England since the early 1800
  • In the 17th century herbalist, Nicholas Culepper, advocated the use of watercress as a tonic to cleanse the blood, and in modern herbal medicine today it is still used to treat a vast range of aliments due to its anti inflammatory and blood cleansing properties.
  • Scientists from the Cancer Research Centre in Southampton Hospital unveiled astounding findings about the benefits of watercress. Being a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables it is well known to contain cancer fighting properties, and the latest study  shows that watercress can actually reduce levels of an important growth factor that spurs tumor development. Essentially, compounds in watercress halt a process called angiogenesis, the technical term for how harmless cells become cancerous. That’s huge!!!!
  • According to recent studies it is the one food we should be eating to guarantee a smooth complexion. This is due to its high concentration of vitamin C and beta-carotene which improves wrinkles, sun spots, open pores and redness and also help slow down the aging process. One study actually used the term EAT YOUR WAY TO A FACELIFT.   
  • Throughout history, eminent philosophers and doctors have revered the health boosting properties of watercress, from the pharaohs in Egypt and the ancient Greeks, to the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. Now sophisticated science techniques have confirmed folklore beliefs Watercress really is the most nutrient rich vegetable and worthy of top spot. 

Take action now and get watercress on your shopping list.

Its so easy to add to meals, salads and to juices. My advice is to eat it raw, cooking watercress will deplete all the nutrients especially vitamin C.

If you have green fingers apparently is really easy to grow! Some good quality seeds, a flower pot with holes in the base, pop it on the window sill, lots of light and water, done!

Here is my little Watercress power juice I whip up a couple of times a week especially if I feel the sniffles coming on!watercress juice

  1. A big handful of watercress
  2. Three celery stalks – great for reducing high blood pressure
  3. One apple – a great detoxifier, lowers cholesterol , anti viral
  4. Half a lemon – blood purifier, improves the bodies ability to expel toxins  
  5. A chunk of ginger – immune boosting actions, extremely helpful during colds and flu  

Whether  you source it fresh or start growing it I really hope you get watercress in your life soon, make it a staple in  your diet so you can  start reaping the health benefits. Think prevention and protection.

Have an amazing week

Sending lots of watercress love♥

Alexandra x