alexandrabackshellLast year I was asked by a skin care company to do a talk  on the benefits of various foods for the skin – one of the foods they asked me to speak about was poppy seeds!

A bit random I thought, but poppy seed extract was in one of their products and they were curious to know if eating poppy seeds was beneficial for the skin.  So was I!

..and I wasn’t disappointed!

I only really associated poppy seeds with bread, bagel and muffin decoration, but this mighty seed contains many plant derived chemical compounds that are found to have antioxidant, disease preventing and health promoting properties.

♥ Let’s start with the skin.

 They are supper rich in minerals like – manganese, zinc, copper and magnesium.

All a dream for skin health.

The linolenic acid and anti- inflammatory properties of poppy seeds help reduce inflammatory skin conditions.

♥ Zinc – it -upseeds

Scientists have found poppy seeds contain significant levels of zinc which can stimulate white blood cells and boost your immune system. Zinc also works wonders for macular degeneration and keep our vision strong.

♥ Iron power

Another key mineral in poppy seeds is iron, an integral component in the production of red blood cells. When we increase our iron intake, we boost blood flow and oxygenation to vital parts of the body. Perfect for upping energy levels.

♥ Digestive help

Poppy seeds have a surprisingly high level of dietary fibre which promotes peristaltic motion to regulate your bowl movements – great if your prone to constipation.

Poppy seeds have been directly linked to soothing inflammation and pain, thereby promoting normal functioning in your gut. And if you’ve been on the health path for a while you will know that gut health is everything right now!

seedsThey are super simple to get in your life

Sprinkle them on your porridge, add them to smoothies, soups and add them to bread and cakes that you bake.

This is my ‘super seed beauty mix’.alexandrabackshell

 I add 2 tbsp to my smoothie everyday.

♦ Poppy seeds

♦ Black sesame seeds

♦ Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin and black sesame seeds are both packed with anti-aging, skin and health-promoting benefits. 

So make sure you put poppy seeds to the top of your wellness shopping list this week wellness warriors!

Much love

Alexandra ♥