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 alexandra backshell

About seven years ago was the first time I publicly declared  that I only eat organic food.. and I kinda  felt a bit cringed out! But at the start of my health path this was big deal for me.

I remember I was sitting in the Oncologist office and her giving me the raised eyebrows  saying “isn’t that stuff really expensive” with her Rolex glistening and her Louis Vutton bag neatly tucked under her chair! “I wouldn’t believe the hype”!

My health is my top priority now” I replied. I think its really important for my healing path to eat clean toxic free food, wouldn’t you agree”?

More raised eyebrows

No reply

Conversation over! Her face said it all…I’ve got a right one here!!

But despite skeptics and what the media say, I fully stand behind organic food, farming and the British Soil Association for the incredible work they do. And…

Organic food is a smart choice if your cleaning up your act!

alexandra backshellSwitching to organic food might seem a bit daunting in the beginning seeing as we all have different budgets and lifestyles. But if your cleaning up your act and trying to reduce toxic overload in your body Organic food is a smart priority.

And if you have tiny humans reducing toxins is so important for their developing sensitive immune systems.

Choosing organic food means you won’t be consuming the standard “cocktail” of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers found in conventional produce. There are over 3,800 brands of insecticide, herbicide and fungicide approved for use in the UK. Some fruit can be sprayed as many as ten times before reaching supermarket shelves.

Some more reasons to switch…

  • Organic food does taste better because it comes from nourished, well balanced soil.
  • Organically grown foods have more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients than commercially grown foods.
  • Choosing organic meat and dairy is the best way to avoid endocrine-disrupting chemicals like synthetic hormones given to non-organic livestock to speed up their growth. And do you really want to eat a chicken that’s been injected with antibiotics then had a nice chlorine bath!


And remember..

Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers are contaminating our environment and poisoning our precious water supplies. Certified organic standards do not permit the use of toxic chemicals and they support farming in harmony with nature. And just to pull on your heart strings a little bit more…..

Preserving our beautiful ecosystem enables wildlife like frogs, birds and insects to play their roles in the tapestry of ecology, and we are able to play ours, without interference or compromise 

Check out The Dirty Dozen And The Clean Fifteen UK..

This is a  great guide as to which fruit and veggies have the most pesticides and which have the fewest. It will help you decide where’s best to spend your pennies for organic produce if your starting out and on a budget.

And just to give you a heads up apples, potatoes and spinach are top of the list!! 

 I give you full permission to snoop in your hood…

Go check out what your neighbours are up to, they could be growing incredible veggies in their back garden. Chat up some one with an allotment. Look out for farmers markets, take regular trips to a local farm or maybe invest in a veggie box delivered to your home. Most supermarkets have a good selection of organic food now……and if you have a garden, what are you waiting for!

And finally..

The biggest question I always get asked is, “How do I know its really organic and I’m not being ripped off”?? 

The answer is simple.

Never buy produce unless it is certified organic, always look for the seal of approval.

Most ethical brands are usually singing and dancing about the good work they are doing and its usually written all over their products!!


Have a wonderful week

Much love 

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell