alexandra backshellWhen I made the decision to change my eating habits I didn’t  do anything drastic.

In fact, in the beginning, I was in a complete state of overwhelm seeing that there is so much information out there….. so I made a decision……

I decided to just do one thing and stick with it, something that was easy, doable and know it would be extremely beneficial for my health…..a daily non negotiable. 

If our daily goals are negotiable, they are all disposable.

 So I  went out and bought a juicer and made the commitment to myself that every day I would make myself a big green juice full of goodness, followed by a wheatgrass shot. alexandra backshell

As I was slowly transitioning into a healthier way of life, using every day to take the next step to thrive, staying committed to this one practise  kept me motivated to keep the momentum.

 “If I can stick to this what else can I achieve”

Setting non-negotiables has been the key for me to stay on my game

We are all guilty of that dead set new healthy habit we are going to start on Monday! 

The first few days are usually easy, you feel like your really getting somewhere, then something happens….I think we like to call it “life”!

When something always seems to be getting in the way of your health goal’s its time to change your strategy as well as your thinking….this is where non-negotiables come in.

Think of it as a pledge to yourself, a commitment, a no matter what happens today, no excuses, I’m going to do this. Adopt the mind set that  taking care of yourself should always be top priority. Tell your friends and family, stick postit notes on your fridge or computer, let the world know that your sticking to your guns this time.

IMG_2005[1]Non-negotiables don’t have to be rigid, it  all depends on how you roll.

Some people like to do things at set times but I’ve always created a bit of freedom in my non-negotiables, it makes life a lot easier! Every day I will always have my juice, if I don’t have it for breakfast I will have it at lunch, and if not lunch I will have it in the evening……the main thing is I will always have it.

 What I have created is a habit.

Always start with one non-negotiable, once this has been ingrained in your daily routine you can slowly start to add more. What you will find over time is you are creating a daily pattern of really good habits that you are sticking to.  

Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits

Follow what I like to call my sacred P’s


Scrap it and just be consistent. You  also don’t have to wait for the perfect time or moment to start something. Just start NOW!


Be persistent, keep going and before you know it whatever you are doing  will be effortless and just part of your daily regime and really not such a big deal.

♥  Proud

Always be proud of your self when you do anything towards bettering your health and wellbeing. Be your own biggest cheerleader!

♥ Prepare

If your daily non-negotiable involves food make sure you are prepared and have the goods. This will prevent a slip up and not following through with your commitment.

And finally….

A friend of mine gave me this great tip for making choices about your health. Make sure they are… SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely.IMG_2002[1]

But most of all I always make sure it’s coming from a place of love♥

Create new habits, not restriction. Make choices for your health that come from a place of love.

Take action now and pick that one thing you are going to start, your non-negotiable, the thing that your going to stick to….no matter what.

And even if its just a small step its always going to take your health up a notch.

Do you have any non-negotiables that you stick to regarding  your health? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or drop me an email.

Have a wonderful week


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