IMG_2453 (1)A good heart is better than all the heads in the world ~ Robert Bulwer Lytton 

In the crazy world  we live in right now we have become accustomed to making big decissions and dealing with all the drama that comes our way using the rational tools our brain provides…




While your mind is pushing and pulling you in all different directions, then you think you’ve come up with a calculated decision that fits your needs, we are forgetting something mucho importanto..

A decision based on logic, reason and rationality may have taken out the importance of your happiness and wellbeing and completely ignored  the biggest message of all – the message from your heart ♥

And before you think this is going down the woo hoo path – science is all over this topic!

Research has shown that the heart actually sends out 60 times more electrical activity than our brain.

We have also found that the clear rhythmic patterns in beat-to-beat heart rate variability are distinctively altered when different emotions are experienced. These changes in electromagnetic, sound, pressure, and blood pressure waves produced by cardiac rhythm activity are “felt” by every cell in the body, further supporting the heart’s role as a global internal synchronising signal ~ Heart

I don’t know about you but I not only find this mind blowing but incredibly beautiful at the same time! Follow your heart, listen to your heart, all those cheesy sayings are probably the best advice we have ever been given! 

Our minds are amazing and clever – capable of incredible things – but it’s always running the show! The mind also has a great way of hijacking and distorting all the messages emanating from the heart, so its time to turn that volume button down and…

 Tune in to the frequency of your heart.

alexandra backshellThat gut feeling, hunch, or thing you just instinctively do – thats the messages from your heart ♥

It’s time to give overthinking the boot! Make this year all about listening to your heart, and tapping into the universal wisdom that is deep within you ♥

Our heart is the essence of who we truly are, it knows what you need to do, where you need to go and why you are on this earth.

Sometimes only the heart can let you know what you should do.

Personal note….

Towards the end  of 2016 I was feeling restless and out of sync. My mediation practise was slipping, I was signing up for things I thought I should be doing. Then the slippery slope of spending way too much time on social media started taking over and  good old ‘comparison-itis’ was kicking in!  While in the mean time I wasn’t achieving anything I had set out to do to round of the year. There was way too much going on in my head!

It got to the point where I knew instinctively I needed to bring things back to my heart centre and in alignment with my true self. I needed to stop thinking and start feeling.

Wide Open Spaces, Nature, Yoga and Meditation have always helped me get back to that place, my Anahata Chakra – my heart – my true self.heart


This year I have made almost all of my decisions based on how they make me feel. I’ve shut out the noise from my monkey mind and totally followed my heart. 

I have achieved more than I imagined, everything feels right, topped with a great sense of excitement because I know I’m operating from my heart space ♥

Listen to the stream of inner wisdom that flows from your heart. This is your valuable guidance from deep within that ushers you through your life journey always showing you the way.

heartWhether your into science or spirituality there is no escaping the fact our hearts are really running the show….we just need to listen. Next time you have to make a decision, big or small, take time out to see how that decision really makes you feel. Logic and reason can fool you into believing that a decision is right leaving the heart totally outvoted. Never let the heart be outvoted!

Take action now. Let St.Valentines day be the day you start really listening to your heart. This organ is more that a vessel for love, heartbreak and romance.heart

It’s the centre of your being.

It’s the creativeness of the Universe speaking right through you.

It doesn’t care about money, status or how big your house is.

All it cares about is YOU

Have a wonderful weekend lovers ♥

Alexandra x

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