I remember going straight to work after I had been diagnosed with cancer.

I got up

Put on my uniform

Did my make up

Took a good look in the mirror – and big a deep breath…“just crack on girl, you can do this”.

I truly believed ‘this is the only way I’m gonna get through this’.

When I arrived at work my colleagues were horrified, empathetic and incredibly supportive.

But there was a particular comment they all said that stuck in my mind..

You’re such a healthy person Alex, I can’t believe this has happened to you! 

I had – actually – always considered myself quite a healthy, conscious person and after a few more people said the same thing, I started to question where it all went so terribly wrong!

And it turns out that…
Eating a ridiculous restrictive low-fat diet
Burning myself out at the gym..then mentally torturing myself when I didn’t go.
Starving myself before a holiday, event or night out
Being a yes person and a people pleaser
Always hunting for the next fad diet or quick fix
Working in a job that was crushing my soul
Constantly running around, wearing a busy badge of honour and being sucked up by the daily grind.
Jumping on the weighing scales at any opportunity
Never really having the balls to speak my truth in certain situations
And basically let my inner mean girl run the show 99.9% of the time was not healthy at all.
In fact – I may have looked like I was on my health game from the outside, but underneath it all I was a hot mess!! 

It had to take a big old nudge from the universe to make me realise I was neglecting my body and soul…

I had completely lost my way

My body was running on empty

I was spiritually bankrupt!

The messages were coming through loud and clear that I was not living a healthy lifestyle in any shape or form!!

To move forward sometimes you have to retreat!

So that’s what I did.

It was time for some deep diving and find out what my body really needed to thrive – and survive the dis-ease my body had presented.

♥ First of all I stopped the food fight and made food my friend.

I completely wiped the slate clean, stopped eating all the low-fat processed crap and slowly started laying down the foundations for a healthy body. My three words were, nourish, nurture and sustainable.

My eating slowly evolved into a plant based vegan diet…it just felt right! 

♥ I set boundaries and stopped saying yes to what was not aligned with my soul.

I have always had such a fear of disappointing people, but l learnt to draw an imaginary line to protect myself from the demands and crazy behaviour of other people. This was absolutely vital…my health depended on it.

♥ I ditched the gym membership and started to move my body in a way that felt right.

Yoga – nature walks – rebounding and meditation is where it’s at for me right now.

It had to take me nearly throwing up in a hard-core body boot camp class at the gym to finally realise… that kind of fitness environment just wasn’t my jam!! 

Plus I don’t like someone screaming ‘savage’ and ‘crush it’ at me!

I want to say kind things to my body!!!

But the biggest lesson I have learned since being in the health game is there is no destination. 

Our bodies are constantly evolving, changing and adapting. I truly believe that the key to health is being aware..

Awareness is everything.

I only started really healing when I became a vigilante for the cause of my own health.

There will always be a new groundbreaking diet, or some new dynamic fitness trend, but we are all unique beings and following the latest trend could be totally out of alignment with your bodies needs. You do not have to eat what your favourite YouTuber is eating, or do the latest workout that’s hot on Instagram..
We just need to listen, feel and take control of what feels right for our sacred bodies.
I’m going to leave you with two important  questions to ask yourself today regarding your health.
1) What feels good
2) How do I  want to feel

Be radically honest with yourself and the answers will be a roadmap for your true path to health.

And remember, go easy on yourself….your soul is depending on you.

Much love









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