IMG_0388New years resolutions….

Old news…..

It’s all about September

Every season has its own unique allure and I adore September. Its like nature has been saving up all year for the grand finale, the last burst of beauty.

autumn leaves

I love that back to school feel, the autumn equinox, the cool crisp air. It’s a great time for renewal, re-evaluation and it seems a less forced, less intimidating time to start setting those goals, resolutions and intentions for your health and wellbeing.

This is when I’m most inspired to hit the restart button.

Natures cycles are mirrored in our lives and Autumn is a season that is characterised by slower deeper energy flows both inwards and downwards. In nature you see the life force slowly being pulled from flowers and the fruits back down to their roots and animals are preparing for a long winter by going into hibernation. We are pulled by this current as well, as humans we often forget this.

Autumn is considered  a VATA SEASON in Ayurveda. This means gunas, or quantities of dryness, coldness and mobility that tends to be erattic in nature if not grounded. In the same way if we are not grounded in a healthy daily rhythm at this time of year we may find ourselves feeling a bit scattered, out of alignment and ungrounded. Make sure you have regular sleeping and eating patterns, and your making time for self care practises. This is the season when you need it the most. Make nurture and nourishment your top priorities.beautiful leaves

Autumn is the best time to start strengthening your immunity.  

As temperatures start cooling down we may be feeling a bit depleted from the busy summer so our bodies can become more susceptible to any nasty viruses floating around.

The bodies defence system is only dependable as the support it gets, so this is a great time to get seasonal with your food, spices and herbs. I absolutely love cooking at this time of year, there is some serious alchemy going down in my kitchen right now! Here are some of my favourite autum foods.

  • Squash which contains omega-3s and beta-carotene
  • Pumpkin, a store house of antioxidants and rich in potassium and B vitimins
  • Sweet potatoes, a great source of iron and vitamin C
  • Cauliflower also full of vitamin C and contains compounds that may help reduce cancer
  • Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, and a good source of fibre
  • Tangerines, recent studies have shown they help protect the heart  
  • Beetroot contains nitrates which helps open blood vessels in the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen
  • Brussel sprouts, love them or hate them but the list really is endless how good they are for you!
  • Parsnips are an excellent source of soluble and in soluble fiber and vitamin K, E 
  • Apples which are great for detoxifying the liver, reducing cholesterol and help boost the immune system          

 As this is the time to slowly turn up the heat its a great opportunity to re vamp your spice rack. Spices have a wonderful warming effect on the body.

Turmeric is always top of my list. It is one of natures most powerful healers. It boosts the immune system, improves cell health and protects against disease. Cinnamon is another favourite of mine, it helps regulate blood sugar and contains calcium, manganese and iron. Nutmeg and cloves are also lovely to start adding to dishes and they smell divine! Fresh ginger and garlic both have a very long history of medicinal value so make sure they are added to as many meals as possible. My super immunity soup will be up on the blog later this week.

And we cant forget about our herb friends!

This time of year Echinacea has always been my favourite herb and its a great immunity booster. I remember being told by a Naturopath many years ago to saturate my body with Echinacea at the beginning of autumn! So I have done ever since!  Ginseng, Cats-claw, Astragalus, Reshi, and Gingko Biloba  are also great herbs for the immune system.

So while your setting your goals and intentions for the next few months visualise how you want to look and feel.sitting quietly

Scientific experts like Dr Bruce Lipton ( I love this man!)  are now proving that what we think and believe changes our physiology right down to our genetic structure.” Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Take action now.

  • Write down all your intentions for the next few months
  • Set the vision
  • Make sure its achievable, don’t set goals with food and fitness that involve pushing the body too hard
  • Be kind♥

Forget about the latest diets or fads, listen to your own advice. No one knows better than you. Tune into yourself and listen to your own body it always knows best.

And remember if things don’t go to plan there’s always a second chance…….. you can get back on board with the New Year Resolutioners (my made up word!) and start again!

Love and warm autumn hugs