raw ginger biscuitsI do love a bit of ginger!

Although growing up I was never really a fan of ginger biscuits.

They always seemed to be the ones left in the biscuit tin with the rich tea, bland and boring!

So I’ve always fancied mastering a really good ginger biscuit, and then I thought I’d take it a bit further and go raw!

This recipe is super simple.

These raw biscuits are moist, naturally sweet and  make a perfect healthy snack when your on the go or just hanging with friends and family having a cuppa.

You will need……

Two cups of finely ground almondsfresh ginger

♥ One and a half cups of raisins

♥ Two tablespoons of fresh finely grated ginger

♥  One teaspoon of cinnamon powder

♥ Two tablespoons of maple syrup

Two tablespoons of melted coconut oil

♥ Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

blenderBlend all of the ingredients together in your food processor until it forms a lovely dough ball of goodness. Pop it in the fridge for an hour.

Then roll and  shape the dough into  individual biscuits and place  them on a tray.

Put them in the fridge for an hour or so until they are nice and firm.raw ginger biscuits

Little tip…you could also shape them into balls or gingerbread men and its always nice to garnish them if you have any almonds left over.      


 Take action this weekend and give them a try.

Hope you love them!

Have a wonderful weekend