alexandra backshellNo matter what is going on in my life these days I always make sure that every morning I carve out some “spiritual me time” to set me up for the day.

It’s a non negotiable!

Many moons ago my mornings were fuelled with way too much caffeine, news headlines, work deadlines and breakfast on the go. I could sometimes feel my stress levels rising before I was even out the door.

But as my habits have changed towards being a little more zen these days I realised that it doesn’t matter how many green smoothies I sip in the morning……. if I haven’t sorted out the mental chatter of my endless to do list and calmed my mind, I’m not set for the day!meditation 

My morning motto is…… How you start your day determines your day! And if I don’t do either of these two things…. I might go a little bit cray cray!! 

A couple of mornings a week I have good old de-clutter, but not my wardrobe or cupboards, it’s a mental one using an incredible technique……  


♥ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping

EFT chips away at non-serving energy systems of beliefs, negative self-images and unresolved past events, cleaning our filters of self-deception “(writing on our walls”)

When EFT was first brought to my attention I just couldn’t get my head around it, it just looked weird! Ive always been opened minded but I thought it was a bit woo hoo and definitely one for the tie dye mung bean munchers!mung beans

There is a saying I love..

“What you resist in life is what you want the most”.

Having said that, I now grow my own mung beans, have a couple of little tie dye numbers in my wardrobe, and I practise EFT!!

It just got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it, and when most of my favourite peeps in the wellness industry were shouting great things about it I thought it was time to dive in. I literally spent a day watching you tube videos, talks, tutorials and the film The Tapping Solution. One thing that did really stand out to me was how scientists are right on the back of this.eft

It turned out that it wasn’t  so woo hoo after all!       

EFT is one of the best emotional healing techniques you will ever have under your belt. Its a HUGE topic so I’m going to break it down as simply as possible.

♥  Emotional Freedom Technique is often referred to as “Psychological  Acupressure” because it works by releasing  blockages within our energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort.   

♥ EFT is a kind of emotional acupuncture/affirmation technique targeting specific feelings using finger tapping on the meridian points rather than using needles.

This combination clears emotional blocks from your bioenergy system and restores balance in the body. 

A good analogy for EFT is to think of a TV that is not tuned in properly. There is a picture but it is covered in static. We feel that static as depression, anxiety, anger, etc. By tapping on meridian points with our fingers , we correct the TV tuning to show a clear picture. We experience this clear picture as a lifting of the old emotions and freedom from that issue.  

 ♥ EFT restores awareness and trust in the natural healing abilities of our mind and body, providing ground-breaking opportunities to achieving physical and emotional well-being in a faster frame time.meridaians

I’ve read amazing reports  of therapists having clients with deep emotional issues going back as far as their childhood, spending years using psychotherapeutic or medical care with limited results. Once they used EFT  their issues were sometimes completely eliminated in just one session.

I’m in the process of updating my resources page and will be adding some great info regarding EFT but for now I highly recommend watching on YouTube..

An introduction to tapping-Nick and Jessica Ortner in the Tapping World Summit. 

They are a brother and sister combo that have really put EFT on the map and they have been hosting a world summit for five years. In this talk they cover everything about Tapping. is also a good start.  There is a great intro video that guides you on how to start Tapping plus 13 videos ranging from forgiveness to stress release. 

Tapping is so simple and so effective… could get rid of emotional baggage you’ve been hanging onto for years….it could change your life.♥   


IMG_1556[1]MEDITATION  has been one of the most powerful tools that I have incorporated into my life over the last few years. It has taught me to  detach myself from habitual thought patterns, especially the negative ones. It basically gives my mind a break, helps me get focused, makes me feel calm and content ready for what the day might bring 

Whether its five, ten or fifteen minutes I always make sure I have that time even if it means getting up a little bit earlier in the morning.  I have noticed that if I don’t meditate I start to feel scattered.

So many people I speak to still think there is a big process around meditation and that you need to be sitting on a mountain somewhere chanting for hours! 

Just five minutes a day can have a huge benefit to your health and happiness. 

A good start is to find a quiet space, focus on your breathing and just really enjoying that feeling of being fully present. 

I will be adding some of my favourite meditation info on my resources page soon.




Final note

Carrying around stress, emotional baggage and negative feelings really is holding us back as the beautiful beings that we are. It stops us from showing up each day and being the best versions of ourselves. We can feed ourselves with healthy food and do all kinds of exercise but  taking care of our mental wellbeing Our Spiritual Diet is vital. 

Always take care of what  your feeding your soul♥

Chia seeds are great…but they don’t get rid of emotional baggage!  

Have a wonderful week