Imagination is the precursor to your future.

Never give up your daydream.

So, I did well at school, but there was a bit of a thread that ran through my school reports…

‘Alex is easily distracted’

‘Can be a bit of a daydreamer’

Yup! If there was a window in the classroom I would have the desk right next to it! Especially if it was maths class!!

But in a society that still applauds the doers and go-getters it’s not always easy being in team daydream! 

 Thankfully neuroscientists are now proving that frequent daydreamers scored higher on tests of intellectual and creative ability, and had more efficient brain systems as measured by MRI !! 

So Mr Jones my little lapses in attention weren’t that detrimental after all!!!

alexandrabackshell.comI have to say I’m particularly skilled at zoning out (in the right time and place of course!) and I’m glad I’m in good company!

Scientific giants like Albert Einstein, JK Rowling and literary queens the Bronte sisters, just to name a few, were all gifted daydreamers!!

In fact letting their minds go for a good old wander led them to some of their most creative achievements and “aha” moments!

But here is my absolute favourite nugget of info for you…

If you did have a bit of a knack for mind wandering at school, and you weren’t a grade A student..don’t worry!

The chances are you could be more intelligent than your old school reports suggested!

Researchers theorise that there are many types of intelligence beyond traditional cognitive skills measured on IQ tests

NYU psychology professor Scott Barry Kaufman suggests expanding the list of intelligences to include “spontaneous” cognitive skills like intuition and sudden insights, which are only accessed by letting your mind ramble!

Your daydreaming may not be a direct route to straight A’s, but it can make you more successful than your outwardly – focused peers, by significantly enhancing your personal awareness, your understanding of events and others, and your ability to achieve your dreams.

Can I get an Amen!!!!

alexandrabackshell.comSo my fellow daydreamers….

You may not feel like a productivity star while you’re staring out the window, but remember your mind is working wonders for you..honour that sacred time.

If you’re daydreaming is sharpening your intuition and personal awareness, it’s giving you some of the most powerful tools a human needs while navigating its way on this planet.

Have a wonderful week  

Much love