I don’t want to send you running to the hills but…..

I’m afraid to say we are living in a very toxic world right now and our daily exposure to toxins, carcinogens (cancer causing substances) and other harmful chemicals is just crazy compared to a decade ago!!

Humans have found or made 50 million different chemicals here on Earth, the vast majority over the last few decades.

Scientists have estimated that even before you are born, it’s possible that you could have been exposed to up to 350 different man-made toxins via the placenta! Eeek!

And lets not even get started on the health issues associated with toxicity (low energy, moods, irritable bowl syndrome, sleep disorders, blood sugar imbalance.)

I think I’ll leave it there as this is a very scary topic and a dark murky road to go down, so I’ll switch to a more positive note!

What if there was a superhero that could swoop down to protect you from all these environmental toxins and repair the damage to your DNA, stop the spread of metastatic cancer and boost the enzymes that detoxify the liver!

And what if it was sitting in your fridge!!

And what if you had it for dinner last night!!


broccoliFood scientists are always all over broccoli and when they are digging deep at a molecular level it’s when stuff gets really good!!

In Tom Malterre’s Tedx talk, he hailed broccoli the super hero that whispers to our DNA and tells it exactly how to repair itself!

And that’s exactly what it does.  So, let’s dive straight in to why we need to eat loads more…

Broccoli, the DNA whisperer…

♥ Broccoli’s big claim to fame is Sulforaphane, an organic sulphur, disease fighting compound which is also found in other cruciferous vegetables (brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower).

It reduces DNA mutation, eliminates carcinogenic toxins, induces apoptosis (death) in cancer cells, helps prevent benign growths from turning into malignant tumors and helps prevent the spread of cancer within the body.img_2891

♥ The mighty sulforaphane in broccoli prompts our DNA to activate hundreds of antioxidant and detoxification genes. It has a unique ability to stimulate the phase 2 liver detoxification system which is super important as it’s the final stage to get rid of all the nasty toxins and excess hormones from the body.

So the science lesson is over!  And you know all the million other health benefits to eating broccoli, right!

So a final little tip….

To avoid nutrient damage, steam your broccoli for no more than 5 min or just go raw (juice etc)! And buy organic if you can.

Broccoli can protect all your cells from toxic damage, head off chronic disease before it shows up, and allow you to be here longer for your friends and family – increasing the amount of time you are on the planet and available to make a difference. ~ Tom Malterre

broccoliSo take action now and put broccoli straight at the top of your shopping list!

Have a wonderful week wellness warriors 

Much love 

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell