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After my skin cancer diagnosis I dreaded summer!

I remember sitting in the dermatologists office being bombarded with leaflets thinking I may as well live in Antartica ! My favourite time of year was now just doom and gloom!

Stay out the sunsummer skin

Keep yourself covered head to toe 

Wear factor 50 

The list went on and on and it was a sad thought that my summers were now going to be very shady!!

Fortunately I did my own research and developed a beautiful holistic way to stay sun smart and look after my skin.

 When your eating clean you’ve got to clean up your sun block too!! And there was no way I was covering myself in nasty toxic suncreams.

So what are my favourite summer skin savers…..

♥ Yaoh Organic Hemp seed Sun Block SPF30summer skin

I have been using this for a few years now and I absolutely love it.

In a nutshell…..

Yaho hemp seed oil sun block combines the natural protective, moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of organic hemp seed oil with the most effective and least damaging chemical sunblocks to produce a safe and protective lotion that is vegan, free from parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.

It has a lovely hint of coconut and absorbs into the skin beautifully.

An absolute winner!

♥ Andalou DIY Booster SPF Facial Serum

summer skinThis one’s a goodie! I Love serums, and when they contain UVA/UVB protection it’s a another winner for me!!

The key ingredients are..

Resveratrol combined with Coenzyme Q10. This super antioxidant complex  helps defy wrinkle formation, inhibit cellular damage, stimulate skin-firming collagen and elastin to decrease fine lines and smooth the skin. 

It also contains White Tea Extract, a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals and environmental damage ♥

♥ Green People Self Tan Lotionsummer skin

From milk bottle to sun kissed this truly has been one of my summer skin savers! I’ve always had a big love affair with Green People products  and their fake tan definitely delivers!

Fake tan is loaded with some pretty grim ingredients and this award winner is fantastic if you have sensitive, eczema or psoriasis prone skin.

It also claims to be the first organic self tan certified in the UK. They also have a fantastic line of sun protection that is worth checking out.

I also love a good story behind a brand.

Charlotte Volt, the founder of Green People, was inspired to create a truly organic skin care range when her young daughter was battling multiple skin allergies. Searching the high street, all she could find was so-called natural skin care brands that all used almost entirely synthetic ingredients!

Charlotte says..

From that moment, I realised that we are all children of the chemical age and the man-made chemicals found everywhere, combined with changing dietary habits, profoundly affect us


Last little tip….

Did you know that a product needs to have less than 1% natural organic ingredient in the formulation to call it ‘natural’!!

Read the small print!!

Take action now and start to have a bit of a cosmetic clean up! Your skin will definitely thank you ♥

Have a wonderful week.

Alexandra ♥

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