As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter the immune system ~ Wayne Dyer


Keeping my immune system in tip top condition is a biggie for me, so I always feel super pleased to get through the winter without a sniffle!

But last month has been a different story..

People around me were dropping like flies, and I have to say I’ve been feeling a bit rough around the edges myself.

And as the allergy season is now fast approaching, it’s made me realise..

We are not out of the woods yet! 

And sometimes it doesn’t matter how healthy you are – or how much green juice you drink – no one is safe!

So here are some super simple tips to boost your immune system when all else might be failing!!

♥ Laughalexandrabackshell

Laughter shakes the body and bones, stimulating the production of stem cells and red blood cells. A good deep belly laugh also enhances oxygen intake, stimulates the heart and lungs and releases endorphins that can help ease any pain. So grab your besties or your favourite comedy box set and have a blissed out laugh – a – thon! It’s  just so good for the soul!


♥ Move

It might be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re a bit rough –  but movement squeezes toxins from your tissues, flushes bacteria from the lungs and relieves  stress which always compromises your immune system. 

* Rebounding on a trampoline, jumping and gentle tapping all over the body are simple but effective ways to enhance blood circulation and blood flow.

♥ Abdominal Massage

70% of your immune system is in your gut. Try gently massaging you stomach in a clockwise circular motion for a few minutes each morning. This will help move the immune boosting cells in the gut to the rest of the body. 

♥ Breathe


 Deep diaphragmatic breathing supports the immune system by strengthening T-cell formation and improving lymphocyte production.

Another simple but extremely beneficial way to boost your immune system!

And finally….

True healing really starts from within, remember…If you don’t go within you go with out.

Have a great week

Much love

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell