2015I love the last few days before New Year

The final countdown

I’m always filled with excitement and anticipation of what a new year is going to bring.

I spend these last few days setting out my goals and intentions, reading over my journal and reflecting over the year.

What lessons did I learn……what did I enjoy the most……what did I achieve…….what will I do more/less of…..who did I enjoy spending most of my time with.

Reflecting on all the good things that happened throughout the year allows you to celebrate all your big/little successes, but its also very important to reflect on your mistakes…….. if you don’t, your probably doomed to repeat them!2015

Every New Year at some point I used to scribble down the same old same old list……

♦ Join Gym (again!)

Loose weight

Get organised

Stop eating crisps

Blar blar blar!!!! It was  boring, soulless, uninspiring, very un-motivating and guaranted by mid January all was forgotten!

Now I set my goals and intentions from digging deep inside my core, and I always create my WHY.your why is your driving force

Every intention or goal you set always create your WHY…….Why am I doing this?


Your WHY must come from your heart and be something you feel emotionally attached to and that drives you into action everyday ♥

Throughout the year our situations might change, obstacles pop up,  life might take you down a sudden different path but once you’ve figured out your why you will be unstoppable.

So here’s a little something for you……

Your 2015 Make It Happen planner

Print it off…..take some time out…..pour yourself a nice cuppa……and dig deep

Make sure you set heart felt intentions and  achievable goals that are in alignment with you and what you plan for your year ahead.

Keep it close, maybe laminate it or put it in your journal as its something you will be going back to throughout the year to track your progress.

 So are you ready to start creating your incredible 2015……

 Make it happen planner


And finally…..

As the clock is ticking and this year is coming to a close I would like to thank you with all my heart♥ for visiting and supporting my little on line space The Simple Life and for all your lovely messages comments and emails, they have filled me with gratitude and fuelled my work. 

This year the one big goal that I wanted to achieve (apart from my health) was this blog and I’ve loved every minute of the process. It has bought some amazingly talented creative people into my life and I have been able to connect and reach out to people all over the world. I feel truly blessed and there is so much that I cant wait  to share with you in 2015.

Wishing you a very Happy Healthy Abundant New Yearalexandra backshell

I’ve got a good feeling about this one! 

 Much Love Alexandra ♥