IMG_1268[1]I love pineapples ♥

I don’t know why but they make me smile

Yes I was the kid that had to have a cheese and pineapple hedgehog at my parties….. so 1970s!!!!

I’ve always got a big juicy pineapple on the go in my kitchen they are my absolute favourite fruit and I’ve got a thing about collecting them too! pineapple Pineapples are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and help with your digestion. And guess what…they didn’t originate from the tropics.  

A little history…….

The pineapple’s scientific name is Ananas comosus.

It originated centuries  ago in South America near present day Brazil and Paraguay, and the indigenous people had spread the fruit throughout Central America long before European explorers arrived. It was good old Christopher Columbus that propelled the pineapple into the European consciousness. Columbus and his crew “discovered” the pineapple in Guadeloupe in 1943 on their second voyage to the  new world.

They called it pina due to its resemblance to a pinecone.pineapple

It took some time for Europeans to learn how to grow the pineapple which thrives in tropical climates, but by the mid-1600s it was being produced in “hot houses” in Holland and England. Soon thereafter, the pineapple was introduced to Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

So what are the health benefits…..

When I think of pineapple I always think of two key things.

Vitamin C and Bromelainpineapple

Vitimin C is required for the collagen synthesis in the body . Collagen is the main structural protein in the body required for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs and bones. Regular consumption of vitamin C rich foods like pineapple helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents, boosts immunity, and scavenge harmful pro inflammatory free radicals from the body.

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found naturally in the juice and stems of pineapples which is thought to be a major anti-tumour component. Bromelain helps you digest food by breaking down protein and prevents bloating, gas and other digestive symptoms like IBS. Outside the digestive tract bromelain is often marked as an anti-inflammatory and may help with conditions such as arthritis, sinusitis and there is now evidence that it helps reduce swelling, bruising and pain after surgery.

A friend of mine had a good doctor  that told her to eat lots of pineapple or take bromelain prior to a surgery she was having, to speed up the healing process.

Like vitamin C you can buy bromelain extract in tablet form, but for me, I like to stick to the original source.pineapple

In addition pineapple is rich in B-complex vitamins like folates, thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin and minerals like copper, manganese, and potassium. It also contains a small amount of Vitamin A which is required for maintaining healthy skin and vision.  

Luckily pineapples are not a rare superfood that you have to hunt down. They are easy to find and so simple to add to your diet.

So here’s a little juice recipe.

Its anti-inflammatory, cleansing and full of vitamins.juice ingredience

You will need..

♥ 1 apple

♥ 3 carrots

♥ 2 slices of pineapple

♥ A chunk of fresh ginger ( you can adapt the ginger to your taste preference)

Put all the ingredients through your juicer and your good to go.

juiceTake action now and make sure there is a lovely juicy pineapple in your shopping basket this week.

It will brighten up your life, your kitchen and your body will be reaping all the health benefits.

Have an amazing week

Alexandra♥alexandra backshell