IMG_2130[1]I absolutely love autumn and the transition into winter…

its just beautiful…. long as it’s not pouring with rain and blowing a gale!!!!

IMG_2126[1]I don’t know if it’s just me but the colours of the of the leaves, the trees, the sea, the sky, everything is looking insanely beautiful at the moment…..apart from my skin!

I’ve had a serious case of the flagging winter skin over the last few weeks!

There’s  been a bit of skincare tweaking going on….but over the last few years I’ve learnt to tackle all my skin issues from the inside first.

So what’s back on the menu…

♥ Oatsoats

I  forgot how good oats are for your skin. Oats have fantastic benefits not just for your skin but for your hair and nails as well. They contain magnesium, potassium, protein, biotin and other B vitamins. Oats lower inflammation, clear the skin,  reduce environmental stress and provide your cells with nutritional support.

Who would of thought you’d get all these skin benefits from a simple bowl of porridge! 

♥ Tip…try to buy non GMO old fashioned rolled oats and if you can, go organic, as these will have more nutrients and are less processed. If you don’t digest oats too well gluten free oats are always there to save the day!

Pumpkin seeds

These are one of the most nutritious, potent seeds you can eat. Packed with skin loving omega 3 fatty acids, iron, protein, magnesium and potassium. Eat 1/4 of a cup a day and your skin will be glowing in no time. As always, try to go for raw and organic and avoid roasted of salted.

♥ Bonus…pumpkin seeds are also a great mood and energy booster. Perfect for winter months.


I remember a few years ago reading about moringa leaf being hailed the next superfood and the worlds most nutritious green…a pretty bold statement but I have to say it does have a stunning resume and amazing skin boosting properties!moringa

The antioxidants in moringa revitalizes the skin by controlling free radicals and its free radicals that cause your skin to age. Moringa contains over 30 antioxidants that promote healthy skin. The extract of moringa leaf is now widely used in the cosmetic industry as it has many therapeutic, rejuvenating  and skin purifying properties.  

♥ Bonus…..Moringa contains 18 amino acids which are useful for the basic building blocks of our body, proteins. These help our body function properly.

Bee pollen

It’s widely considered one of natures most complete nourishing super foods and while I’m always on the hunt for what’s new and trending I forgot how beneficial bee pollen is for the skin. It contains an extremely high amount of antioxidants that protect the skin from stress, pollutants and chemicals in your environment.

♥ Bonus….bee pollen helps improve digestion, increase libido and regulate your metabolism.

And finally……rose hip tea

There always has to be tea involved and my favourite skin saving brew is Rose hip. This nutritious tea definitely stands out from the crowd being rich in Vitamin C, A, E and K. Plus calcium, zinc, copper, silicon, flavonoids and carotenoids, its a winning cuppa!

Moringa and bee pollen are a little bit pricey but well worth the investment for your wellness toolbox!

I’ve  definitely noticed the difference in my skin over the past few weeks since adding all the above to my diet. So, if you, like me,  feel your skins been flagging a bit since the cold weather has kicked in and needs a boost..

Take action now and get these beauties on your shopping list!

Hope your having a wonderful week.

Alexandra ♥alexandra backshell