Hello Lovely!!

So here we are in the final build-up to Christmas Day, the end of the year and the start of a new decade!

I’ve got all the feels at the moment.

I absolutely adore this time of year, such wonderful vibes, even if it feels like it creeps up quicker and quicker each year – is it really an age thing!!!

But there is that tendency to start getting caught up in the ‘Christmas Crazy’ and a little bit of burn out can start to kick in.

Parties and more parties


Who’s doing Christmas

Shopping, and more shopping

Drinks + nibbles, more drinks, and nibbles!

Family stuff, you know what I mean – there is always someone or something going on!!!!

Christmas is also a time when certain people may have expectations from you, be upfront if they are asking for too much of you as this can be very taxing. 

Remember the more you give, the more people will take!

That’s why it is very important to take some time out for yourself, set boundaries, say no,  and be totally cool with it, look out for numero uno! 

And be wary of the ‘Christmas Dumpers’, you know the ones, they literally just dump everything on you and expect you to do everything so they can sit with their feet up, munching on mince pies watching the Christmas specials on T.V !! And they usually say “oh your such a good cook I could never do it like you”. Or “you make it look so easy”.


If this sounds familiar……delegate – delegate – delegate! If Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together, everyone should do their bit.

So on that note my lovely I wish you a wonderful, joyful and peaceful Christmas. Take some time out to fill up your tank, stay well away from the energy vampires, and say yes to all the people and things that light up your soul.

Much love