IMG_2275[1]So the presents are all finally wrapped and under the tree

My place still looks like a tip!

I think Ive got all the food in!

I’m praying I don’t get a card through the door this morning from someone I’ve forgotten! Cringe!

Have I bought enough presents for anyone…….will they like them???????

Don’t you just love Christmas!!!

IMG_2276[1]I’ve enjoyed every minute of the build up this year but the last few days have been a tad stressful!

And then I remembered to breath and that everything is exactly how it should be….. not perfect……. remember Alex that’s how you roll!IMG_2277[1]

High expectations and perfectionism are massive joy killers over the festive season and its OK if all your carefully thought out plans of the perfect Christmas are not working out.

Christmas day is a wonderful day…..but it is only one day and its ok if its not perfect.

Today is Christmas Eve surrender, what will be will be!

Mr Buble′ is playing in the back round, there is washing hanging everywhere, I’ve run out of sellotape, forgotten the gravy…..but I know in my heart this is exactly how it should be, perfectly imperfect!!!!!  

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for being part of my beautiful online community and showing up each week. Your the reason I do what I do.

I hope your Christmas break is everything you want it to be and in all the chaos you find some calm and peace.


Sending you a tremendous amount of love your way

Merry Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥

Alexandra ♥ ♥