Hello, It’s Been A While

So I’m back!

Fresh site, fresh vibes, It feels so good to be back on my sacred online space! And thank YOU for being here.

Last year there were a lot of changes and energetic shifts going on in my world and sometimes you just have to honor those spaces in-between.

I’ve been in this health game for a while now but I was feeling things shifting into another direction and I was asking myself a lot of questions..

When it comes to health and wellness, what really lights me up?

Am I really showing up as my true authentic self?

Am I speaking my truth

How can I really serve my tribe in the best possible way

I also got some insightful feedback from some of the beautiful women and men I know – I asked them to dig deep as to what they feel is holding them back when it comes to their health. 

What do they struggle with, where do they keep tripping up, and why they can’t stay on track.

It all kept coming back to the same things.

Habits + Time + Mindset + environment + Accountability + Information overload

I also had an overwhelming interest in plant-based eating and how to adopt this kind of lifestyle.

So any of this resonates with you I’m here to help. 

Seeing people suffer and struggle with their health breaks my heart – we are not on this planet to suffer.

This is also the place I feel deeply in my heart I can serve from my highest self because I really really care.

I’ve been on every diet –  was the queen of low-fat food – I had a terrible relationship with weighing scales – I was Forever looking for the new quick fix – I would join gyms and hate every minute  – I found it so hard to stick to anything create good habits and really find my flow.

It took my health to be completely hijacked by cancer for me to slow down, tune in and love, nurture and nourish my body. The biggest thing I have learned is there is no one size fits all we all have unique individual needs – and the game changer is.

Health is not a destination, our bodies are constantly changing, evolving and adapting, the key is to learn how to support our bodies through this wonderful wild ride called life so we can show up every day being and feeling our absolute best.

So if your feeling that pull towards change, tired of being on a bad habit hamster wheel, what to get more plants in your life or if there is anything you want to chat about regarding getting your health back on track I would love to help.

You can book in for a free discovery call and we can start to identify where we can get to work and get you back on track….and stay on track. Head over to my services page here 

Look forward to chatting with you.

Much love