trufflesPacked with calcium, iron, betaine, B vitamins and antioxidants beetroot is a master detoxifier for the entire body.

When I’m looking to up my game, especially with juicing I bring in the beets which puts it all into a higher gear! Combined with other vegetables like cucumber, celery, apples and dark leafy greens, you really do have a winning combination.beetroot

What always caught my eye about beetroot is how its a ninja when it comes to detoxifying one of our hardest working organs…the liver. 

Beetroot boosts  production of glutathione which is the body’s natural antioxidant detoxifier. Good levels of glutathione is essential if you want to help rid your body of all the toxins its storing.

Beetroot contains large amounts of betaine which is essential for good liver function and may actually help to prevent or even reverse liver disease. Betaine  promotes the regeneration of liver cells and also aids and increases bile flow.

Other benefits of beets are…beetroot

♥  Increase in weight loss

Regulation of blood pressure

Increase in colon health

Prevent constipation

Improvement of eye health and relief from eye strain

Helps to fight and prevent cancer due to its high levels of antioxidants

Beetroot helps to protect the heart against disease

So now that your blown away with all the incredible health benefits of beetroot I’m not going to give you a juice recipe ( Ok just a quickie then….beetroot, carrot, apple and kale an excellent detox tipple!!) 

I’m  going to the other end of the spectrum and share with you my lovely little recipe for Beetroot And Chocolate Truffles.truffles 

They are decadently divine, rich, chocolaty, insanely easy to make but most of all they are….. healthy!

You will need…

♥ 1 peeled ripe avocado

1 medium size cooked beetroot

3 table spoons of maple syrup

♥  100g of cacao (if you don’t have cacao you can use unsweetened cocoa powder)

♥ Half a teaspoon of vanilla extractcacao

Put the beetroot, avocado, 50g of cacao, maple syrup and vanilla extract all in your foodavocado processor and blend until the ingredients form a nice smooth consistency. Add the other 50g of cacao  to the blender and blitz.

Transfer the mixture into a bowl and pop it in the fridge for an hour.

Once chilled scoop out tablespoon sized portions and roll into balls.

Put some extra cacao powder and desiccated coconut on separate plates. Roll and coat the truffles.

(This mixture should make around 15 truffles depending on the size you want them)


trufflesNot only will you be getting the health benefits from the beetroot, but also nutrients and heart healthy compounds from the avocado. Plus the antioxidants and minerals from the cacao. 

These are a far cry from the original sweet creamy chocolate truffles that were created in the kitchen of French culinary giant August Escoffier back in the 1920s, I bet he never would have imagined them being made with avocado and beetroot! Je ne peux pas le croire!!

I hope you enjoy these little beauties!

Have a great week

Alexandra ♥