Ever since I started my health journey I’ve been a bit of a health food nerd!

I’m blown away by how scientist’s research is constantly uncovering the incredible  healing properties  that food has to offer, the benefits of Nutrigenomics, a whole notion that food is information that speaks to our genes and triggers messages that create health or disease… I just love this, it’s a topic I could talk about it all day!

leafy greensBut recently I’ve been finding out more about the healing properties in food,  the ones that are not so obvious  that we could be missing out on –  in the scraps we are throwing away.

Although I was brought up on the saying “waste not, want not”, I think we are all  a bit guilty of wasting food. According to the Food Wastage Footprint almost a third of the world’s food,  around 1.3 billion tonnes is wasted each year plus all the energy, water and chemicals needed to produce it. Definitely something to think about.


So on today’s menu its…..scraps!! And here are  five of some good ones to keep.


Don’t over peel your onions..food geek

The level of antioxidant flavonoids has been found to be much higher in the outermost layers of the onion. So if you’re like me and want to get them chopped up and into the meal as quickly as possible before my eyes start streaming, be conscious of retaining as many of the outer layers as possible.

The avocado seed..

So we are all well aware how ridiculously good avocados are for you, but the chances are you’ve probably been throwing away the large seed which is just as healthy as the flesh! The seed holds 70% of the avocados antioxidants and reports are saying it can also play a role in reducing cholesterol and help fight off viral and bacterial infections.food nerd

Obviously biting straight into one would be a dental disaster, so it’s best to grind it into a fine vitamin filled powder, ready to put into your smoothie !

Don’t ditch your potato peel..

Throwing away your potato peel is like throwing a whole wealth of goodness into the bin! Potato skins are full of immune boosting vitamin C, calcium, potassium, B vitamins and half of a spud’s fibre is in the skin. Leaving the skin on your potatoes while baking or or boiling keeps the nutrients from leaching out.

Tip..Potatoes are on the dirty dozen list so if you can I would highly recommend buying organic ♥

food nerd

Keep your beetroot leaves..alexandra backshell

Seeing a bunch of beautiful fresh beetroot in a supermarket with all the leaves hacked off  is totally criminal! I wonder if the supermarket manager  is totally on to it taking them all home cooking and juicing up a storm, but I’m sure  the reality is they are probably sitting in the rubbish dump!

Beet greens are full of protein, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and fibre.

They also are a great source of B vitamins.

And finally…..

Celery leaves contain five times more magnesium and calcium than the stalks. They also contain powerful antioxidants that may combat cancer, heart disease and prevent premature ageing. Celery leaves also contain vitamin C and vitamin A.

So these are just some of the scrap waste products you could be utilising to up your health game and prevent some chronic diseases, plus cutting down on your personal food waste – its a win win situation!!

Sending lots of love and light

Alexandra ♥

alexandra backshell