Hi, I’m Alexandra.

Welcome to my blog, my sacred little space.
I hope landing here will inspire you to live the life you want to live, follow your desires and what your truly passionate about, and encourage you to make choices with conscious intention to live a healthy vibrant life, the life that you deserve.

I’m so glad your here.

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You are exactly where you need to be

So as November falls upon us I did have a bit of a moment! You know..the same old mental chit chat!! "Where has this year gone, I can't believe there are only two months left of this year, there are so many things I wanted done and dusted by now....blar blar...

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Back to nature..and the lessons I learnt.

There is nothing more sacred to the soul than time out in nature. ♥ Last week hubby and I took some time out. We thought it would be nice to have a bit of a contrast on this break so -  we went from the hustle and bustle of the crazy streets of London, soaking up all...

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Thank you

I adore September and the autumnal vibes.. I think it's my favourite month of the year. This month also marks the three years my blog The Simple Life has being live. For so long I had wanted to create a sacred little online space, a place I could share my healing...

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Zen men…be careful what you wish for girls!

Without a doubt there is nothing more wonderful than having your man totally on board when you're heading down the health path. In the early days when I came home from college brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge about nutrition it was falling on deaf ears!!  He's...

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6 Simple tips to supercharge your food

So being a Nutritional Therapist  I'm on a constant  quest to research and find out whats the 'latest and greatest food' - what's causing a buzz! But this is when its very easy to forget that some of our simple daily produce - with a few tweaks - can be transformed...

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Organic food health benefits

  About seven years ago was the first time I publicly declared  that I only eat organic food.. and I kinda  felt a bit cringed out! But at the start of my health path this was big deal for me. I remember I was sitting in the Oncologist office and her giving me...

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The real reasons you need to slow down

So here we are, right in the middle of the year. Boom Hello June I always thought it was a bit of an age thing when I found myself saying "where has the time gone", but when I heard a 12 year old saying it the other day - it got me thinking.... We need to just slow...

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Simple ways to boost your immune system

As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter the immune system ~ Wayne Dyer   Keeping my immune system in tip top condition is a biggie for me, so I always feel super pleased to get through the winter without a sniffle! But last month has been a different story.....

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Poppy seeds..and why you need them in your life.

Last year I was asked by a skin care company to do a talk  on the benefits of various foods for the skin - one of the foods they asked me to speak about was poppy seeds! A bit random I thought, but poppy seed extract was in one of their products and they were curious...

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Cashew and cinnamon cookies

So, after a lot of pondering  I decided that cashew nuts are definitely my favourite nut! And after some more pondering, I also realised that cinnamon is my favourite spice! I also feel extremely happy when my cookie jar is filled with healthy treats - and it was...

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